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Adrastichyperlink Christmas Calendar
Case Study

Adrastichyperlink Christmas Advent calendar ran throughout December 2020. It consisted of a vast Christmas village with 24 houses. Viewers were taken on a different journey throughout the village each day until finally ending up at the door for that day. They were taken through the door and presented with a Christmas gift, which was an animation, business facts, business tips and prizes to help them with their business.


The Christmas Marketing campaign needed to be easily recreated daily. It was important to keep the Christmas theme while giving valuable and meaningful content. The main goal was to create engaging posts that will be able to be posted on multiple channels. We needed to help propel Adrastichyperlink into the brand it deserves to be. This campaign was a mix of content marketing and social media marketing.

Creative Director

Daniel Shirley


Scope of work​


Motion Graphics


Video Editing

Video Template

Short films


To reach goals regarding Adrastichyperlinks reach and engagement. Create unique and engaging content on multiple channels daily.

To be able to reach goals and objectives organically, without any ad spend.


Production of 24 animated videos, All unique with a separate animation at the end. The secondary animations consist of business tips, facts, prizes and motion graphics.  They were converted into different dimensions so they could fit all social media platforms.

Produce an animated advent calendar that would have 24 doors for each day. The calendar must be complex enough to create a unique animation each day, but simple enough to reproduce daily. 


This will be a mix of content marketing and social media marketing, meaning they will be a series of videos posted on social media every day, that will interest the audience and drive engagement. But on the other hand they will have separate animations that will be revealed behind each door, that will give facts, tips or a unique animation.


The copy produced will be a series of Christmas themed jokes and facts, similar to a Christmas cracker. The aim is to advertise the business through covertly while giving the audience delight and value.

The Breif

The Strategy

This was an organic campaign, meaning there was no spend on targeted ads. This meant it we had to build a robust strategy, that captures audiences attention. A big issue we faced was reproducing on a daily basis. We decided to go for a 3d model using cinema 4d, this way most of the time will be spent building. Once it was built, all that was left to do was camera movements, which is a much less time-consuming task.

We had to make the scene as interesting and complex as possible, this was to make sure there would be something new to see and discover every day so it did not become repetitive. We opted to build a Christmas town, rather than having a traditional chocolate calendar.

By creating a Christmas town we were able to add many extra intricacies that made the scene much more interesting, such as Christmas lights, decorations, a train track, cars and more. 


We simultaneously posted the videos to different social channels, the scenes would be adapted to fit the different dimensions for the social channels. The copy consisted of light Christmas theme humour and trivia and a fun line about the video and finished off with a call to action and related hashtags.


Since most of the shots were wide-angle shots, we decided to create low poly (simple), 3d models. This helped with render time, which was an issue because of the sheer size of the scene and the number of frames needed to be created.


A big part of the design aesthetics were the Christmas lights, these were on every house and formed the numbers which identified each house. By using the 3d technique we were able to create realistic lighting which helped with the glowing winter effect. We were going for a warm family feeling with the aesthetics, which was also complemented by the smooth soothing music.


The secondary videos, which got revealed by a door were created in 2d. This was to help with time management since they were only text-based animations we decided to focus our attention on the main 3d model. The videos had a  live action background that revealed text over it in an elegant way.


The campaign gave Adrastichyperlink some astonishing results, which broke many records for them. The campaign hit all the KPIs it was targeting, especially when it comes to Reach and Engagement. It proved to be a successful marketing campaign that the company can use as a stepping stone in the continuing development of the company.

The Design

The Results



Account reach | + 3272%

New followers | + 14.8%

Content interactions | 415

Impressions | +3275%



Post reach | 11606%

Post engagement | 30100%

3 second+ video veiws | 532

Website taps | + 150%


"By running an organic campaign we

were able to make connections that are meaningful and lasting."

Daniel Shirley

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