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Working with a startup, we had to deal with a lot of anxiety. The cost was very high for clients not used to paying that price. We would have to ease the client's nerves by giving regular assurance in the forms of open communication, give and take feedback and an understanding attitude to their concerns.

By doing this we created a great rapport with the clients and complete all work to their needs and standards.

Case Study

A start-up eccomerce company wanted to launch their flagship products, E - scooters. They were at the stage where they had products, but no brand. They didn't have a name, logo, website they were starting from scratch. We worked closely with the founders to develop their ideas and what they thought their brand identity would be. We used the information given to us to develop their brand into what it looks like today.

Creative Director

Daniel Shirley


Scope of work​

Web design

Graphic design

Brand identity


A brand new brand identity of high quality ready to share with the consumer. This includes


  • web design

  • logo design

  • graphics

  • icons

  • brand guidelines


The Strategy

We decided to adopt a clean and polished look for the brand. This would help us push the positioning of the brand closer to the high end established brands. We wanted a streamlined website process to direct the customer to the page they wanted. We offered a direct buy it now button but also a much more detailed product information way, this created a user experience for people who know what they want and people who would like to learn more.


Web pages are more and more frequently viewed on mobile, so we took the same streamlining strategy. We removed elements that didn't give the best mobile experience and repositioned items, so it had the same brand identity but in a much more user-friendly way.


We wanted to keep the design simple yet bold, so we opted for Red, White and Black. This helped us create a controlled brand identity. We used big hero images to capture the audience as they arrive on the site which invited them to explore more. 

We wanted to avoid overwhelming the audience with too much information and making the page cluttered. we decided to keep the information to a minimum, but still highlighting the feature enough to give the audience a taste.

We wanted to make the website as immersive as possible, so we added parallax movements, animations, interactive images and pop-in pop-out boxes. This helped the website keep the brand principles of quality, premium and innovative.

The Design











User friendly

The Logo

Asset 1_4x.png
Asset 5_4x.png

"The final product was just what we were looking for. Throughout the project, the team generated exciting and creative ideas that will enhance the engagement of our product."

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