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The Stars Group

Case Study

During a long contract with The Stars Group, we achieved many goals. We focused primarily on the motion graphics side, working closely with their inhouse marketing team to create consistent content on a daily basis. Time management and strategic planning were key to the success of all campaigns as the turnaround and volume of work were so high.

We were able to handle high demands and meet required deadlines over three different departments (Pokerstars, Pokerstars Casino and Betstars). This contract played a pivotal role in developing the companies online and social presence. 

Creative Director

Daniel Shirley


Scope of work​


Motion Graphics


Video Editing

Video Template

Short films


Can we provide consistent high quality work with a quick turn around?​ We needed to create innovative campaigns that not only looked good but also engage the audience. Could we bring boring text and fact to life, whilst giving all the information?


A wide variety of graphical content that helped them run innovative and successful campaigns, that included but not limited to; game launches, competitions and event promotion.

Free Instagram Post Mockup For 2020.jpg

PokerStars is the world’s most licensed online gaming brand, holding licenses or related operating approvals in 17 jurisdictions. They are a big brand with a big reputation.


During our intense and exciting stint, we were able to kickstart Pokerstars casinos social media campaign. Which then allowed us to branch into the different areas of the company, and develop a very robust contract. Combining strategy and design we were able to hit all major targets set out and create numerous successful campaigns 

The Breif

The Strategy

The campaign started with our Director Daniel Shirley working closely with their marketing team. After lots of development and brainstorming, we decided to go down a template route. This helped with the quick turn around and consistency. We also decided to accompany them with some bespoke pieces which helped added needed variety. All projects were planned and booked in months in advance, leaving adequate time to develop the idea and the artwork, but also to be able to structure the workload.

We used informative and engaging marketing content such as competitions, facts, character introductions, reactive posts and attractive posts to drive the goals. We used this rather than traditional marketing techniques, the sales were not the most important thing to them. The eyes on their company, the likes, the clicks and the shares are worth much more than the single product they were selling. User engagement is key when developing an online presence.

Screenshot 2020-09-02 at 23.54.41.png

We had to follow strict regulations when creating content as The Stars Group have a well-established brand. We had to come up with unique and interesting concepts and design while sticking to the brands' guidelines.

We designed a wide variety of content for The Stars Group. On the majority of occasions, each video or image would have to be redesigned to be utilised for different social media platforms.

The videos often had lots of text, so we used fast impactful animation to reveal the copy to the audience, but still allowing them to digest it. We kept all elements 2d which helped with the playful side of the animations but still retaining the quality under swift turn arounds.

We understood the messaging must always be playful and engaging, often making light of situations. By reacting to current events, we were able to reward viewers with relevant information, in a creative way, all in real time.

The Design










Fast paced


"I had the pleasure of working with Daniel for a number of months and it was a dream. Hard working, dedicated and zero BS."

Steve Skinner

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