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Daniel P Shirley


Daniel Shirley is a creative Motion Graphics designer, Director and the Founder of Adrastichyperlink. Ltd. His main role is to oversee the creative and strategic direction of the company.

Daniel is passionate about art, design and animation, and is continuously learning new skills by working on personal and commercial projects. He previously worked as a freelance animator, working on short and long term lead animation roles with clients such as IMG Media, Bleacher report, comic relief and more.

He received his BA from Middlesex University in Animation where he honed in his skills and experienced taking projects from idea to completion. He has lectured at Huanghai University, China, where he worked with 1st, 2nd and final year students to help them achieve their degree. He taught Animation and graphic design to over 8 classes over 3 years.


Daniel worked as a Motion Graphics Designer at Echomany, working closely with well known brands, such as, Fox, Coca-Cola and the BBC, creating personalised marketing videos, assets and social media campaigns.

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