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Adrastichyperlink Profile

Adrastichyperlink - Branding and Marketing Design Agency

Director - Daniel Shirley

Established - Nov 2017

Company size - Industry SME <10

Location - London, England

Company type - Private Limited Company

Established in London, 2017, the design company specialises in branding, marketing and design solutions. The company offers strategy sessions, complete with research, analysis and planning for all work produced.

The company's design services include but not limited to:

- Animation ( 2d/3d, adverts, user interface, motion graphics, explainer videos, social media content)

- Branding (brand identity, brand development, corporate branding, on/offline branding, product branding)

- User experience and User interface design and development (app, web, desktop)

- Web design

(Responsive design, E-commerce, landing pages, Booking systems, crowdfunding, Portal/membership system, web interaction design)

- Marketing

(campaigns, event marketing, product marketing, promotional marketing, sales Marketing, competitions, seasonal campaigns, expansion marketing, content marketing)

- Graphics(Logo design, print materials, editorial, flyers, menu, company guidelines, company


- Social media (video design, graphic design, strategy, management, page layout, content writing)

Each solution is created according to the needs and requirements of the client.

The company has a team of experienced designers that specialise in animation, web design, branding and User experience/interface. The company follows the latest design innovations and utilises the latest technology and software.

The design company provides professional business design solutions to a wide variety of clients, ranging from start-ups to well-known businesses specialised in various fields of activity such as IT, sports, retail, industry, consultancy, health, medical and fitness, fashion, culture and arts.

Sought after agreements

Outsourcing agreement

The company is offering to perform specific design solutions such as:

- Animation

- Creation and maintenance for websites

- Branding and rebranding

- Social media marketing

- Promotional campaigns

- Events

- App design

-Video production


The company will take on and complete design subcontracting agreements. The company has the expertise and compacity to fulfil large design contracts such as:

- Animation

- Creation and maintenance for websites

- Branding and rebranding

- Social media marketing

- Promotional campaigns

- Events

- App design

-Video production



This can be face to face or over the phone. Clients will be asked a series of questions about their business. We will explain our process in more detail and work out how we can help you


This session is between 1 - 2 days where we dissect your business and get a clear understanding of how to best serve your customer. We discuss your positioning, your voice, your objectives.


We take all the results from the strategy session and put them into a well-constructed deck. This clearly outlines the plans, schedule, examples and costs. At this point you own the strategy, you can choose to execute the plan yourselves or get us to complete it.


With the strategy signed off, our team gets to work. We use the extensive researched gained and our years of expertise to create designs that captivate your audience


We go over the work and discuss what worked and how we can improve. We analyse the statistics to see if we hit the KPIs.


Vicki Barker - - 07817 588981 - A.P.P.L.E Play, Co - founder

Kevin Ogembo - - 07908172960 - Ukiyo, Founder

Daniel Shirley, contact details

Website -

Number - 07934593146

Email -


This is our website to see our brand in full:

These are our case studies:

Our Instagram


Our case studies

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