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The Adrastichyperlink Christmas Advent Calendar

2020 Chrismas Marketing and Branding campaign

Adrastichyperlink is well underway with their 2020 Christmas marketing and Branding campaign. The Adrastichyperlink Christmas Advent Calendar campaign will run from the 1st of December to the 25th.

This is Day 2

The series of animated films depicts a small, colourful, enthusiastic Christmas town. Throughout the month we will be exploring the different areas of the town and the different Christmas lights on display. You are invited into a new door every day, where you will discover a gift just for you.

“This is our first Christmas Branding and Marketing campaign so we wanted to do something extra special.” say’s Daniel Shirley, Director at Adrastichyperlink.

Each day you will discover a new gift, which can include

  • An animated video

  • A tip about how business

  • A fact about the business world

  • A Prize

We will be covering points that many businesses will find interesting and can help them with business growth, Marketing strategy, Brand awareness, but most importantly it will give you

something to look forward to opening each day with our detailed animations or our prizes.

The Adrastichyperlink Christmas Advent Calendar will be available every day from December 1st and will be available on platforms such as

To keep up to date with all the new releases please give us a follow.

Adrastichyperlink is a brand strategy design consultancy that helps your company create a voice that speaks to your target customers through design and innovative campaigns.

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