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Sugar Voodoo

This was a project with a young and talented musical artist Mutant Bird. The song has a gritty, trip rock style, combining powerful baselines and guitar riffs. The video had to follow suit, he wanted to keep that unpolished element, hard hitting and creative style.

The video's concept spawned from the lyrics and title of the song, Sugar Voodoo. We wanted to show the main character being controlled and manipulated. We chose the analogy of puppet strings and puppet master to further amplify the concept of the video.

This was a complete 360 project, we took it from concept to final design. This included animation, storyboarding, filming, brainstorming and more.

Creative Director

Daniel Shirley


Scope of work​





Sound design


We needed to create a music video from scratch, the client didn't have any prior ideas, we were handed a blank canvas with only the song for reference.

We had a low budget and small time frame so we had to work economically, but we also couldn't lose any of the concepts


A three minute music video, consisting of live action and animation

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